“The hardest part of practice is getting on your mat.”

Part of people’s resistance to getting on the mat at first, or getting themselves over to a class on a regular basis is that they know it’s going to be some work. It can be sometimes uncomfortable to feel how the body is feeling with all it’s ups and downs. And then there’s fear of success.. what if you actually start to feel amazing and powerful and deeply peaceful? Can you handle it?!

Yes, you can handle all these challenges! The mind can play tricks, but with consistent, committed practice, either in a group setting or in private sessions, the magic will organically unfold. You’ll make discoveries and progress you never imagined. You’ll feel grounded yet lighter, calm yet energized, free but more compassionate. You’ll be primed for work, love, play and success in every aspect of life. Explore and find what works for you, prioritize it, commit to it, and the habit is formed. The issue of coming to your mat is then resolved, and the exciting journey begins!

It is my pleasure to be a support for you as you walk this path of health and healing. If you need a buddy, someone to be accountable to, I am that person. Or, I can teach you my fail proof system for forming any new habit you want. Contact me and I'll let you know how. 

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. Just want to talk? Contact me. I'd be happy to help you get started.


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