Services Descriptions



Services Descriptions


Breathe and Be. Consistency is Key.
— Amira

Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Services

 Here are some options of how we can work together:



Private sessions are the quickest way to address your personal needs, goals and questions.

Privates give you:

  • flexible, convenient scheduling

  • 100% personally tailored exercises, routines and feedback

  • accountability

  • hands on adjustments (optional)

  • weekly workout plans and coaching (add-on service)


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga  Sign Up

  • Create heat and flow with intermittent skill building moments

  • Synchronize movement and breath

  • Increase mental focus

  • Advance into arm-balances and inversions

  • Gain alignment feedback

  • Release stored stress

  • Increase energy

Hatha Yoga (Integral Yoga Institute Style) Sign Up

  • Enjoy a gentle, well-rounded practice

  • Gain flexibility, ease, calm and focus, every time

  • May include: asana (poses,) deep relaxation (yoga nidra,) pranayama (breathing,) meditation and chanting

  • Relax into a spacious classical yoga experience

Yoga Based Stress Reduction Sign Up

  • Decrease your stress with curated yoga tools and train to avoid future stress

  • Sessions may include yoga poses, deep progressive relaxation, breathing, meditation, visualization and healthy thinking

  • Can be chair yoga or floor yoga based

  • Appropriate for people with little to no yoga experience and everyone


Pilates Mat Sign Up

  • Master how to engage properly when practicing Pilates

  • Get the elongating slimming effect Pilates work is known for.

  • Own the transferable skills you can put to use forever in:

    • Pilates reformer classes, group mat classes

    • All life activities including running, golf, yoga, cocktail parties and working at your computer.

  • Learn an easy-to-remember, 15 minute home and travel workout routine.

Pilates Equipment Privates Sign Up

  • Enjoy a full body strength workout using spring tension for resistance training.

  • Address your imbalances, improve flexibility and improve balance.

  • Discover the potential to love your workout as you discover the strengths you have but never new about!


  • Commit to a sustainable fitness routine.

  • Discover tailored fitness that feels good but is an appropriate challenge for you every time.

  • Whether you have always been active, you're dealing with an injury, or you're just starting a fitness program, I specialize in adapting workouts to your needs and physical state.

  • Workout with free weights, TRX, cable machines, body weight exercises and more.

Return to Life
— Joseph Pilates



  • Continuous flow of poses linking breath and movement. Comprehensive "workout," including many seated postures, inversions, arm balances and core strengthening "jump throughs and jump backs."

  • Ashtanga strengthens and opens the mind, as well as the body.

  • Internal heat is created and maintained with detoxifying, cleansing and flexibility effects.

  • Not only is Ashtanga Vinyasa great life training, it's the best training you can do to prepare for the myriad of Vinyasa, Power and Flow classes you may come across.

  • Ashtanga offers physically and mentally challenging poses in order to focus the practitioner in the present moment. As challenges increase you learn to let go of resistance to what is and to breathe in the presence of what arises.

  • Appropriate for intermediate to advanced levels. Some yoga experience required.


  • Pilates principles remind me of some of the world's most elegant cars, i.e. the Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The workout cultivates control, precision, centering, breathing, efficiency, balance and more! These principles will elevate your workouts while you have fun. I affectionately call Pilates the “fine engineering of the exercise world.”

  • People often say Pilates doesn't feel hard, yet the next day they experience that good sore feeling.

  • Pilates is different. The body feels taller and lighter, the spine decompressed as you tone and gain strength.

  • Experience reformer classes that will provide a challenge yet leave you feeling harmonious. Mental and physical alignment cues keep you on your toes.